Our Children

I believe in a child-centered education. Children are only young once and that time is precious. Our kids only get one chance at an education and we must maximize their experience, ensuring they have opportunities for a bright future. The Knox County School System has a responsibility to enrich the lives of all our children.  Literacy is the foundation upon which our students learn throughout their lives.  Too many children cannot read at grade level, and we must ensure that every child can read by the 3rd grade. 

Our Schools

We are blessed with schools full of teachers and administrators with the skills and heart to teach our children.  Too often, bureaucracy gets in the way of teachers teaching and students learning. It’s frustrating to our kids, teachers, principals, and parents. We must put good people in this critical position, pay them well, and support them. 

Our Community

Schools are a focal point of any community, and our schools rely on our community for support.  We will continue to deepen these bonds.  As a board member, I partnered with Mayor Jacobs and the Knox County Education Foundation to start One Book Read City.  One Book Read City is a literacy innovative for our 50 Knox County elementary schools, where every student and teacher, in grades K-5, gets the same book. We partnered with businesses, the library, and many community organizations to make reading fun and engaging for the whole family.  We must build on these relationships. 

Our Future

We must always remember that our schools are preparing the next generation and Knox County Schools must be able to adapt to meet the needs of that generation and the challenges facing us today.  We invest nearly 600 million dollars a year into the school system. These are hard earned tax dollars, and we need to make sure that every dollar is spent efficiently, with the greatest impact being felt in the classroom.  Working together and investing wisely, Knox County’s future is limitless.

Ready To Get Started?

Join me in building on the success of our schools and ensuring that all of our children are prepared for the future.